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Professional Development
The intent of the Professional Development (PD) system as outlined in policy is to assist local ABLE programs in developing the skills and knowledge of the staff to increase the successful transition of students to postsecondary education/training and employment.
  • The Ohio Board of Regents State ABLE Program requires programs to have staff members who are skilled in providing instruction that leads to student success. The Ohio ABLE practitioner standards provide guidelines for professional development.
  • Program directors are to work with staff to determine program professional development needs and to determine professional development that is most appropriate to address these needs.

Required training for New Administrators:

  • New Staff Orientation
  • Serving Adults with Disabilities
  • Assessment Fundamentals
  • New Administrator Orientation
  • Level 1 Technology
  • Beginning ABLELink
  • ABLELink Annual and Interim Reporting
  • Ohio Leadership Excellence Academy

Required training for New Teachers:

  • Local Program Orientation
  • New Staff Orientation
  • New Teacher Orientation
  • Assessment Fundamentals
  • Level 1 Technology
  • Introduction to Learning to Achieve
  • Learning to Achieve
  • See PD policy for additional “required training based on job duties”
    • ESOL Basics
    • TABE 9 & 10
    • BEST Plus
    • WorkKeys
    • Distance Learning Instructor


Required training for New Support Staff:

  • Local Program Orientation
  • New Staff Orientation
  • New Support Staff Orientation
  • Level 1 Technology
  • See PD policy for additional “required training based on job duties”

Local programs are required to track the funds expended for professional development. Based on availability of funds, local programs may support staff participation in the following activities found in the next section.

    Professional Development Options:

There are many types of professional development opportunities available to ABLE staff. Most activities that will improve job performance and have the approval of the program director will count as professional development. Some options include:  

Workshops State/National
Classroom visitations/
Peer Observations
Institutes Demonstration Projects Study/Focus Groups
Peer Mentoring Action Research Local Program Activities
College Courses Professional Organizations Presenting/Facilitating

Visiting Regional
Resource Center  

Special Groups
/Task Forces

 To fulfill the OBR professional development requirements, the activity must be recorded on the IPDP and signed by the director/coordinator; and directly related to your role in ABLE.

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